Graduate Schools

We train researchers and professional people to a high level through advanced education and research. The Graduate School of Humanities, Graduate School of Contemporary Business, Graduate School of Cultural Policy, Graduate School of Nursing, and Graduate School of Health Sciences are for students who want to further their studies at the graduate school level.

Graduate School of Humanities

The Graduate School of Humanities offers advanced research courses in language, history, and cultural property.

  • Master's Program in History and Culture
  • Doctoral Program in History and Culture

Graduate School of Contemporary Business(to open in 2017)

The Graduate School of Contemporary Business has further advanced the Faculty of Contemporary Business’s objective for human resource cultivation, and cultivates advanced management skills pertaining to both commercial and noncommercial organizations, which are sought in today’s society.

  • Master's Program in Management

Graduate School of Cultural Policy

The graduate school introduced the first cultural political research specialty in Japan with the aim of fostering interdisciplinary and practical research talent.

  • Doctor's Course in Cultural Policy

Graduate School of Nursing

This graduate course aims to develop high-level clinical nurse specialists and nursing researchers who are able to meet present-day social needs.

  • Master Program in Nursing Science
  • Doctoral Program in Nursing Science

Graduate School of Health Sciences

The Graduate School of Health Sciences’ aims are to improve the health of body and mind, and to create new and fulfilling lifestyles, and it cultivates high-level specialists who can approach the body and mind from the perspectives of psychology, physical therapy and neuroscience.

  • Master's Program in Health Sciences
    Course in Physical Therapy, Course in Clinical Psychology, Course in Psychology