Students' Learning and Life : Japanese Language Program

Kyoto Tachibana University provides international students enrolled at any of our affiliated institutions abroad with a variety of language and cultural classes to fit their Japanese proficiency level. It also offers a range of elective courses other than Japanese. (See the section on International Partners). Taking advantage of the location of the school in the ancient cultural capital of Japan, the program incorporates field studies to famous temples and historic landmarks in Kyoto. Students can enjoy actually taking part in such traditional events as the Gion Festival. Outwith the regular curriculum, the University offers international students the opportunity to further develop their communication skills and knowledge of Japanese culture, as well as make close relationships with our regular students, through the language partner system. They are also able to take part in a wide range of club and other extra-curricular activities organized by the regular Japanese students. Students from Taiwan, Korea, China, France and Australia, including exchange students from our affiliated schools, study in the Japanese Language Program here everysemester. Prospective applicants can receive further information or make enquiries to the International Office.

Japanese Language Courses

Japanese I-IV

Students study the language and develop their communicative and literacy skills through small-scale, level-based classes that meet twice a week.

Japanese Current Issues I-IV

Students learn about modern Japan and the Japanese people. Their further understanding is deepened through presentations and discussions based on the knowledge they have learned.

Japanese Culture Seminar I-II

In class, our international students read texts related to historical buildings, relics, and events, and explaining Japanese customs. The students' understanding of Japanese culture is subsequently deepened by actually visiting some of the places about which they have read, or by attending one of the events covered in the text.