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With the super-smart technology of AI and IoT, changes in the structure of industries and people's interests are now greatly accelerating, and a truly unpredictable society is developing. Due to this, more proactive efforts will be required to address issues such as balancing economic revitalization and environmental preservation, and eliminating economic disparities. In April 2021, the Faculty of Economics/Department of Economics was established to produce individuals to lead this increasingly diverse and complex economy. The Department of Economics has established an educational program that not only acquires basic and universal economic knowledge and skills, but also expands the subject areas in a wide variety of fields. In particular, the school is unique in that it offers a full range of courses in advanced information technology and provides students with the opportunity to acquire advanced knowledge and skills, thanks to the advantage of being affiliated with the Faculty of Engineering, and the Department of Information and Computer Science. With logical and mathematical thinking, we nurture individuals who can contribute to solving problems, contribute to society, and achieve sustainable economic growth.

Department of Economics(intake 240)

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  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Economics

Economics is the pursuit of building a better society. At our university, students can study economics and society across a wide range of fields, including medicine, food, tourism, and culture, which are expected to develop further in the future. In addition, students can engage in cross-faculty learning, mainly with the Faculty of Business Administration and the Faculty of Engineering, collaborate with companies and governments outside the university, and acquire new skills in information technology and other areas.

  • Finance and Industry Course
  • Regional and International Courses
  • Public Economy and Policy Course
  • Medical Care and Social Insurance Course
  • Tourism and Culture Course