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As we enter an age of AI and robotics, the pursuit and provision of material and quantitative wealth has come to an end, and at the core of society and the economy is the creation of new value through the meticulous analysis of big data and other information. As a result, companies are in urgent need of a major shift in their philosophy and activities, and the people to carry out this shift are in high demand. To meet these expectations, in April 2021, the Faculty of Business Administration/Department of Business Administration was created. The Department of Business Administration takes advantage of the fact that it is affiliated with the Faculty of Engineering and the Department of Information and Computer Science to cultivate the ability to appropriately utilize digital tools along with specialized knowledge and skills in business administration. The program aims to develop individuals with unprecedented thinking ability, practical skills, and management sense, who can lead society and people, not only by solving social problems, but also by looking at the causes of problems and the new problems that will arise as a result of the solutions, and developing them into innovations.

Department of Business Administration(intake 260)

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Sustainability has become a common goal worldwide. Management of companies and organizations is now expected to take the attitude that earning profits equals solving the world's problems. Our university combines information technologies such as AI and big data with the wisdom of business administration to cultivate the ability to transform society through continued collaboration and practice with companies and governments.

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