Faculties : Faculty of Comprehensive Psychology

※ Scheduled to establish in April 2023.

※ From April 2023, when the Faculty of Comprehensive Psychology is established, the Faculty of Health Sciences, and the Department of Psychology will stop accepting students.

This is a new department that offers a comprehensive understanding of the workings of the mind from diverse fields of psychology and incorporates knowledge from data science as well as various educational, social, engineering, and medical academic fields.
With Kyoto Tachibana University's proven track record in psychology education and research, and through extensive cooperation with other faculties, possible all on just one campus, we will nurture individuals capable of solving increasingly complex and diverse social issues from the perspective of the human mind and behavior.

Department of Comprehensive Psychology(intake 90)

  • Department of Comprehensive Psychology
  • Department of Comprehensive Psychology
  • Department of Comprehensive Psychology

All students in the Department of Comprehensive Psychology will acquire a background in data science, which is the foundation for psychological research methods and social practice. Students will then develop basic knowledge and skills in psychology to deepen their expertise in five broad areas: clinical psychology, social and industrial psychology, developmental and educational psychology, behavioral and brain science, and health and welfare psychology. In addition, as all learning takes place on just it is a one campus, crossover learning and practical learning such as PBL and social collaboration will help students develop practical skills and a broad perspective to create new value.

  • Field of Clinical Psychology
  • Field of Social and Industrial Psychology
  • Field of Developmental and Educational Psychology
  • Field of Ethology and Neuroscience
  • Field of Health and Welfare Psychology